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Medical Records Transfer

We want to provide you with excellent service when you need a copy of your records and imaging studies. Below are steps on how to obtain your records. If you have questions please call 925-939-8585 and ask for the medical records department.

NOTE: If you are requesting medical records for your lawyer, please ask your lawyer to call 925-939-8585 and ask for our medical records department.

How To Request Medical Records And Images (X-Rays, MRI etc)


  • If you are requesting copies of images or records that have been loaded into our system but were not originally requested by us, those studies are the legal property of the facility that performed them and you will need to request them from that facility
  • California State law AB 610 provides that medical records, including x-rays, are the property of the institution taking them and the physician ordering them. This law provides for the recovery of costs associated with the providing of this service. Such costs as shown above include clerical and material expenses.