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Your anatomy is unique. That’s why Golden State Orthopedics & Spine offers different types of advanced robotic surgery technology to our total Knee replacement patients.

A total knee replacement is a delicate balance between the three bones comprising the joint and the three artificial components (also called prostheses or implants) that are used to replace the damaged tissue removed from the entire surface of the joint in order to repair and stabilize the knee.  The artificial parts in a total knee replacement are:

Total knee replacement is a very common surgery which has excellent outcomes overall, but robotic assistance helps our patients achieve optimal outcomes.  Robotic assistants are advanced surgical tools that allow our surgeons to provide better surgical outcomes in a less invasive procedure with less pain and quicker recovery.

These technologies help our specially trained surgeons to:


Who would benefit from robot assisted total knee replacement?

The short answer is:  Most people with moderate to severe arthritis in their knee(s) who are suffering joint damage and pain as a result.

Arthritis is a common cause of knee pain.  Damage to the cartilage (the cushioning between the bones) and degeneration of the bones cause the pain, which is the most common symptom of arthritis.  Other symptoms of arthritis may include joint stiffness, swelling and “locking” or loss of joint mobility.  Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and post-traumatic arthritis are the three most common forms of arthritis.

Regardless of what’s causing arthritis, patients who haven’t responded to conservative treatments such as physical therapy, bracing, medications, or supplementation of joint fluid are usually candidates for surgery, and most people qualifying for knee replacement surgery will generally benefit from a robotic assist.

Our Robot-Assisted Knee Surgeons

Our robot-assisted knee surgeons perform surgeries both with and without robots. For more information about where and when robots are used, please check with your Surgeon.

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