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Winter Sports Injuries





We can’t resist the lure of snow at Lake Tahoe, and the winter sports we love. Even during COVID-19 and especially with our warmer Bay Area weather, we are willing to put the chains on the car and brave the winter storms in the mountains to get out and play.

Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobiling and sledding are fun winter activities, but they are not without risk. Some things you can do to set yourself up for a successful day include making sure your equipment is in good repair and adequate [Learn More]

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How to Extend the Life of Your Hip Joints


Shakira is right, your hips don’t lie,* especially when they are in pain. But with the right help, your hips can be shaking for years to come without a hip replacement surgery

*You know, from the 2009 hit “Hips Don’t Lie.”

Hip pain can strike throughout a person’s life and come from a range of causes. When pain hits it is important to look at all of the possible treatment options, especially for those who are younger and active.

My goal, along with my fellow physicians at Golden State Orthopedics & Spine (GSOS), is to help patients preserve and extend the life of [Learn More]

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Ten Signs You Might Have Hip Arthritis


Learn why it is important to catch your hip arthritis early in order to reduce the effect it could have on your daily activities.

Hip arthritis can cause mobility problems and pain but if it is caught early, people can preserve their quality of life. I frequently see patients who have had arthritis for a long time and do not recognize it. My goal is to help diagnose patients’ hip arthritis early and prevent severe damage to the joint.

The hip is a ball-and-socket joint that is covered by a slippery tissue called articular cartilage. This cartilage creates a smooth surface that helps the bones [Learn More]

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Dr. Mead was Fantastic. Fantastic!


Kenya Duran was an elite athlete growing up in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area, and swam for the University of Nebraska.  She never had hip problems and never thought she might, so five years ago, after moving to California, she started running as an antidote to isolation and boredom.  Kenya had been running cross country and half-marathons for about a year when an ankle sprain forced her to quit.

2 years later, unbelievable pain in her hip “just showed up,” she said.  “I could tell something was really wrong.  I was in so much aching pain – everything I did, I could feel it.  For about [Learn More]

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How Long Does It Take To Recover From Joint Replacement?



Joint replacement recovery times vary because every patient reacts differently to surgical intervention. The individual’s genetics, their overall health, and the complexity of the procedure all influence how quickly the patient will be back to normal (or better) after a knee or hip replacement. By understanding what affects recovery times, you can develop a better understanding of what time investment is anticipated for a successful knee or hip joint replacement.


The surgical procedure for a total hip replacement [Learn More]
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The Best Way To Help a Loved One Through Joint Replacement



Your father, grandmother, spouse or a dear friend is going to have joint replacement surgery and you want to help them. I concentrate my practice solely on total hip and knee replacements, doing 250-300 surgeries a year, and I can say that by far the number one best thing you can do is being there with them—serving as an extra set of eyes and ears from the first meeting with the doctor.

A friend or a daughter who hears the treatment options and the recommendation for surgery will be there to support the patient when he or she goes home to think [Learn More]

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What Is a Hip Pointer?


Dr. Charles Preston explains what a hip pointer is and how it is treated.

Question: What is a hip pointer?

Answer: A hip pointer is an injury that typically occurs in contact athletes. What happens in a hip pointer is that there is typically a contusion in the iliac crest of the hip. What happens in this area, and why it is so painful, is that cluneal nerves run right over the iliac crest of the pelvis. Nerves are contused and this causes a sharp pain.

What complicates things is that a hematoma can also occur with this injury causing [Learn More]

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Outpatient Total Hip Replacement Puts Golfer Back in Game


James Murchison hip replacement GSOS patient

New anterior surgical method cuts costs and recovery time in half

James Murchison had always been an avid athlete. Whether skiing down a mountain or perfecting his golf game, the former baseball and soccer college athlete made it a point to stay active and in shape.

But after a ski injury five years ago, he felt pain in his groin. He assumed he had pulled a muscle. But after visiting an orthopedic physician, the x-rays told a different story.

The angle of the femur, the large bone in [Learn More]

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Should I Be Concerned About a Stiff Hip?


Dr. John Knight of Golden State Orthopedics & Spine talks about having a stiff hip.

Question: I have a stiff hip. Should I be concerned about it?

Answer: This may simply be a matter of the soft tissues about your hips — your muscles, ligaments and tendons — not being adequately flexible to allow full motion. Of more concern, you may have changes to the shape of the bones, the ball and socket joint, which now prevent some extremes of motion and may injuring such structures as the labrum of your hip. The labrum acts as a seal around the [Learn More]

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