Dr. Mead was Fantastic. Fantastic!

Kenya Duran was an elite athlete growing up in the Ft. Lauderdale, FL area, and swam for the University of Nebraska.  She never had hip problems and never thought she might, so five years ago, after moving to California, she started running as an antidote to isolation and boredom.  Kenya had been running cross country and half-marathons for about a year when an ankle sprain forced her to quit.

2 years later, unbelievable pain in her hip “just showed up,” she said.  “I could tell something was really wrong.  I was in so much aching pain – everything I did, I could feel it.  For about six months I tried heating pads, ice packs, everything but going to the doctor.”

Finally, the pain became too much for her, so she started doing her research and looking for doctors.  Dr. Mead’s excellent qualifications and great reviews convinced her to give him a try.  “He made me so comfortable,” she said.  “A major problem was immediately evident on the x-ray.  Dr. Mead told me I would need surgery, but I got a cortisone shot instead, hoping to put it off.”

A few months later, front row tickets to an Aerosmith concert forced another postponement, and another cortisone shot.  “It was so worth it!  Steven Tyler kissed me on the cheek!!” she exclaimed.  Then COVID-19 happened, and a third cortisone shot.  But the problem wasn’t going to go away on its own, so in July, Kenya finally had her surgery.

“He prepared me for everything,” she says of Dr. Mead.  “He was fantastic.  Fantastic!  Everything he told me was right on the money.  I followed the rehab program and within three months I was feeling totally fine.  He had no qualms about lowering the doses of my pain medications when I didn’t need them anymore.  He really listened to me.  The hip I got is top of the line and good for my lifetime.”

Her advice?  “After 8-9 months of terrible pain – Don’t suffer!  I can’t even tell you how much better I feel.” 

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