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Patient Quotes

Dr. Wong is a star!

Dr. Wendy Wong is the best! What a positive experience. I had with her! She is compassionate, skilled, caring and never rushed. The entire staff at both Muir Ortho and at Sequoia Surgical Pavilion were great. I was well prepared through comprehensive education materials and my calls were answered quickly. She performed a total hip replacement and my recovery has been amazing, without the use of opiates! After only two weeks I am walking without assistance and driving. Dr. Wong is a star!

– Candace
This was the best thing I ever did!

Thank you Dr. Wendy Wong (and the Orthopedic Staff),
You all made my operation at Hospital (Sequoia Surgical) a reasonably pleasant experience.
The partial knee replacement is working fine, still need some fine tuning, but well on the mend.
This was the best thing I ever did, and I have you to thank for getting me this way. I can never say enough about how much better I am with this Partial Knee Replacement. Thank you for everything.

– Dora

I was totally blown away

Dr. Mead always talked with me about the plans for my treatment.  When I got home I knew exactly what was expected of me.  I’ve been in physical therapy for 4 months now, and I can’t stress enough how important it is to a fast and full recovery.  Setting up my home recovery center was also very important.  I’m very happy with how things went.

– Abdul
I came in worried and left enlightened

I was a patient of Dr. Merson and was referred to Dr. Kronick, whom I saw for the first time yesterday. There was an immediate connection to Dr. Kronick. He did a thorough exam and very clearly explained my options. I came in worried and left enlightened. My old knee will live to see another day. Thank you!

– Ted
Examination was very thorough

Dr. Qureshi gave a very informed second opinion regarding necessity/potential effectiveness of lumbar fusion. His ability to read the MRI quickly and in detail showed how experienced he is. His physical examination was very thorough, much more so than the other surgeon (not from GSOS).

– Shelby
Very clear with his plan, what would occur and how to deal with it

Dr. Preston was very clear with his plan, what would occur and how to deal with it. He understands my profession as a firefighter and what we put our bodies through. The staff it seemed was always smiling and very courteous. I really believe that I hit the lottery when Dr. Preston became my surgeon.

– Kevin
Always honest and direct, which I appreciate

Dr. Narloch is very professional and seems truly concerned about my health issues. He listens to what I’m saying and his recommendations make me feel assured he has my best interest at heart. He is always honest and direct, which I appreciate. Dr. Narloch’s assistant is exceptional. She is the pulse of that back office. Highly organized, if she tells you she will call you she does. Great team.

– Gail
Back to Cycling at 67!

In Nov, 2016 Dr. Fulkerson performed a patella reconstruction of my left knee. I just wanted to say thanks. I know it has been some time now. But I am now retired and living in southern Indiana. I have had no pain meds for several years. I have been slowly getting back into cycling. I just bought a new high-end road bike, and doing 30-40 mile rides several times per week. Some think it silly to buy a bike like that at almost 67 years old. But on the bike I don’t feel 67. And I believe much of the reason is due to the good work you did for me. Though I still have some pain and discomfort, I would probably have anyway at my age; I’m still “pushing it”.

– Doug


At Golden State Orthopedics & Spine, our mission is to help each patient live their best life, whatever that means to them.

We treasure our patients and work hard to achieve this mission every single day.

Dr Blue and his team were awesome! They got me in on a short notice and I am back on the field in no time.


- Nick A

The staff is very efficient to get you in and out. The Dr treated my sprain very quickly and I am looking forward to get back to my sport.


- Colleen N