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“I’m in this field to make a positive difference in patients’ lives. My job is to fill my waiting room with happy post-op patients because then it’s fun to come to work.”


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Through my knee, spine, and total joint replacement specialties, I am able to combine my passion for helping people with my ability to solve complex problems. I chose to focus my practice on spine care because I find it very satisfying to be able to help patients who are suffering from complex spinal injuries and conditions. I am happiest when I’m able to make a difference in my patients’ lives. Through both non-surgical and surgical treatment methods, I provide experienced, individualized care to my patients. It is my top priority to include my patients when selecting the most appropriate treatment method for their individual injuries or conditions.

When I’m not seeing patients, I like to spend time playing classical guitar, hiking, biking, and enjoying the outdoors.

  • 1976 George Washington University
  • Tulane University School of Medicine

Assisting the Doctor:

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Golden State Ortho Doctors are assisted by our clinical support teams which include Medical Assistants, X-Ray Technicians and more.

Reviews Mean So Much!

Reviews mean so much to both the doctor providing care as well as to prospective patients. We appreciate your reviews!

I had a finger and palm pain issue. Dr Seago was able to assume possible causes and scientifically nail down the cause. His actions resolved the problem on the same day I visited. This is a doctor you must see.

- Pei-Cheh C

Dr Seago is very calm, professional and caring. He communicates well and his work is excellent. What a great experience! Extremely highly recommended!

- Rich S

After spending a lot of money and time on a chiropractor, with no results, we went to see Dr. Seago for my son. Doctor Seago is honest and competent. It is YOU that he cares about. :)

- Sir F