COVID-19 Updated Face Covering Policy

The state of California and our local county health departments are lifting the COVID-19 mask and vaccination mandates for health care workers, patients and visitors on Monday, April 3.

As we have throughout the pandemic, we will continue to follow masking guidance from the California Department of Public Health and Contra Costa Health Services.

Updated Masking Policy (Effective Monday, April 3)

  • Masking is encouraged, but optional for all physicians, staff and volunteers in inpatient and outpatient facilities, except when isolation/infection measures apply.
    • We will continue to follow state and county health guidance.
    • If there is a surge in respiratory illnesses in the community we may reinstitute a mask mandate.

Importance of Continued Vigilance

It is important to remember that the pandemic is not over. While we are in a more endemic phase of COVID-19, case counts and positivity rates may still rise in our community.

  • We will continue to follow standard and transmission-based infection prevention precautions as applicable.
  • Within our health system, we routinely take care of immunosuppressed and vulnerable patients. These patients can develop a serious COVID-19 infection despite vaccination or prior infection.
  • COVID-19, flu and other respiratory viruses become transmissible prior to the onset of symptoms.
  • We will continue to protect your health when you come to our clinical facilities to access orthopedic care.

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