What Is LeanMD?

LeanMD is a medical weight-loss program that offers patients a way to lose weight safely and effectively. We understand that weight loss is not “one size fits all”, which is why we tailor every program to fit the individual needs of each patient, with nutrition, supplements, and weight-loss medication. LEANMD is easy to learn and easy to follow making it a lifestyle change that is sustainable.


Reach your goal body with easy to follow real food meal plans, personalized 1:1 coaching and scientifically-based nutrition principles that can help you overcome health problems.


You’ll  improve your results by learning new eating habits, starting to exercise, & tapering off any Medications. We’ll support your transformation with 1:1 coaching.


It’s your life, you deserve the best one you can have! Enjoy new activities, learn mindful skills that will last a lifetime & enjoy each & every day to the fullest with your new body.

Dr Charles Preston Explaining Moving From Sickness To Wellness

Our 3-Phase Approach To Weight-Loss

Medically Supported Weight Loss for Today’s Lifestyle.
Experience fast, easy & healthy weight loss. Physician-led program is custom & ideal for you!

Duration: 2-12 Month

Duration: 3-5 Weeks

Duration: 12 Months