I’m so grateful I found Dr. Wong

I’m so grateful I found Dr. Wong

In July of 2021, I found out from an orthopedic surgeon that I needed two total hip replacements. I was 58 at the time and in shock when he told me. He also said I should get injections right away and then I could decide in the future when or if I wanted to have surgery. I did schedule the injections without really understanding why I was doing it. I went home and started researching hip replacements. Within days I realized there was no reason for me to have injections, so I cancelled the appt. and went looking for a surgeon with the criteria I wanted.  

I met with Dr. Wong in October. She was warm, straight forward and answered all my questions before I left that day, I scheduled my first surgery for Jan 12th, 2022. I am 4 weeks past my surgery, and I have been walking without my cane and driving!

The procedure was exactly how Dr. Wong described it to me, there were no surprises and she told me she would prescribe pain killers, but that Tylenol might be all that I needed, and she was right! 

I took 2 of the pain pills the following day after surgery and the stronger one that evening. I started feeling nauseous and was throwing up most of the night. I decided by the second day to take Tylenol exclusively to see if it would be manageable and it was! I then continued to take the stronger Arthritis Tylenol at night only and the regular strength during the day. 

This was my first surgery and Dr. Wong made it a good experience!