How Todd Got His Walk Back

Todd Miller was no stranger to surgery.  Being an athlete, having served in the military and starting his own construction business meant he was also no stranger to injury, and the wear and tear damage that comes with an active life.  But then one day, walking along the creek with his wife, he experienced an excruciating pain in his right knee that eventually required surgery.  His knee was repaired, but he walked with a cane for years after because it wasn’t done quite right.

“I’m a social guy,” says Todd.  “I bring the humor, so even if I was stuck sitting in a chair, I was back at work as soon as possible, but I’m used to throwing around 60-pound bags of cement, and I couldn’t do that anymore.”

Having had 12 surgeries over the course of his life, Todd wasn’t eager for another, but finally his pain drove him to the doctor.

“From the very first phone call, you guys are the best!” he says.  “Dr. Wong is all 10s, across the board, but all of you, from the phones on up are all 10s.  I’ve got a new lease on life.  If you’re up against it and your only solution is a revision or replacement, do it!  Don’t be afraid.  If you’re in pain, there’s no one better than Dr. Wong.

“She was really honest with me and told me ‘This is a really invasive process’, but she was right that I needed the surgery and the outcome is wonderful.  Eight weeks out from surgery, I’m walking!  I’m back to work at my 20 hour a week ‘Old Fart Greeter’ job, and back to helping my son in our family construction business.  Recently I was able to spend the day with him tossing around cement bags, splitting and mixing them, and it was great.  At the end of the day I got a big hug from my son who told me:  ‘Couldn’t have done it without you popper.’

“I hadn’t known walking without pain for years, but I do now!  Don’t be afraid.  If you need surgery, there’s no one better than Dr. Wong.”