Fixing Fractures



Fixing Fractures


My name is Leo Calafi, I’m one of the orthopedic traumatologists here and I deal with a lot of fractures in patients – from pediatrics to elderly.

I think orthopedic trauma is a very exciting field these days. One reason is the variety of ways we can fix fractures so patients can get back to their normal status. For example, femur fractures in the past used to be treated with traction and bed rest, for six to eight weeks. That would cause a lot of complications in patients.

These days, we have very exciting and intelligent ways to treat their femur fractures, such as plates and screws or intramedullary rods. That can be a relatively quick procedure and, most importantly, it helps the patients to get back to their normal activity as soon as they can. Typically, within a few days, they’re up and about and walking again.

It’s extremely exciting to be able to help patients that quickly.

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