How Robert Got His Golfing Back! 

Robert Vizas never had a lot of pain in his left foot, but as he notes, pain and discomfort are different things.  “It just got to the point where I was having trouble getting around,” he says.

“I broke my foot twice in college, but never had any real problems, so I never had anything done.”  Eventually, though, he developed a bunion and hammer toe.  “It got to the point where I had to cut the toes out of my shoes.  I’m a lawyer, and that just doesn’t look professional.  Then I began having trouble getting around.  My wife and I love to golf, but after a while, I could no longer manage that.  My foot was starting to limit my function.”

Surgery was the option, and Dr Talarico was his surgeon of choice.  “Four months out from surgery and I’m feeling overall well.  I had to keep weight off my foot for the first three months, but now I’m in physical therapy and quite determined in my recovery but following advice so I don’t set myself back.  I would definitely recommend Dr Talarico.”

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