How Janice Got Her Upbeat Back 

“My goal was to get better.  I’m 88, so I thought I’d better get this thing repaired so I can get on with it,” Janice Lucky says of the wound on her right leg.  “It was so sore it was hard to do a lot of walking, and I’m a pretty active person.  I try to stay as upbeat as possible.”  But it can be difficult to remain upbeat when pain is limiting your activity, so Janice sought medical treatment with Dr Ross Talarico at GSOS.

“Dr Talarico was very attentive with his service.  And very direct!  He pulls no punches, but I need the truth and he did a very good job of explaining things and taking care of me,” she says.  “My son or daughter often drove me to my weekly appointments, and they are also very impressed with the way he took care of me.”

Healing her wound took time, but as time went on she healed.  “Veronica was marvelous,” Janice says of Dr Talarico’s assistant.  “Always smiling.  They are both always so personable when dealing with me.  I would have no hesitation about calling on him again.”

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