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It is our greatest wish at this time to write a heartfelt letter to all our patients. Everyone has been through so much and we are so fortunate to have what we think are the best patients on the planet and the greatest employees in the universe. And so, here is our 2022 letter of thanks to our patients:

February 23, 2022

Dear Treasured Patients, Friends and Families,

We think you’ll agree that none of us expected to be still dealing with the effects of the COVID pandemic in 2022. Certainly, we thought COVID would be all over by now but unfortunately, like many other businesses, we are experiencing the challenges of the new ‘Omicron’ strain of the virus. We want to communicate what we are doing in response to Omicron’s impact. Particularly we want to comment on our ability to fulfill our mission to bring you the highest quality of service. We care greatly for, and respect our patients, and it is for these reasons that we are writing to you today.

Here’s what we are experiencing, adapting to, and focusing on in order to continue to serve and care for you in the midst of COVID/Omicron:


Covering those who have contracted Omicron and are away from work, fulfilling the extremely demanding government reporting obligations and making up for “The Great Resignation” happening across the country, our loyal and committed teams are incredibly challenged. But they are just as incredibly motivated to stay on top of what is needed to work through this successfully. Today our teams are not at full strength-in-numbers and you may experience delays on the phone or in person when calling or visiting our clinics. We truly appreciate your patience while we cover those who are out sick and our staff perform extra duties.


Our hearts sink when we hear that the hospitals where we operate are rescheduling orthopedic surgeries because of the volume of
COVID patients, not only do we feel for those who are ill but also because of the sheer inconvenience to so many people, not just our patients.

It you are affected by a rescheduled surgery, know that we will do our absolute very best to get you back on the schedule as soon as possible and notify you the minute anything changes. Our schedulers are now master jugglers and ready to jump on every opportunity to find the best next opening for each patient.


Every day brings new uncertainty about hospital bed availability, staffing levels and workloads – all driven by the number of
COVID cases in our communities. We are adapting every day and continuing to keep our clinics disinfected, hygienic and safe for in-person visits and our staff trained and equipped to provide high quality care.


People are recovering from Omicron, but even so, it is definitely not business-as-usual. Every day, every one of us at Golden State Orthopedics & Spine is ready to do our best. However, we recognize that our staff and patients are getting tired – physically and mentally – with the situation. Therefore, we want to sign off with words of thanks and encouragement. Thank you for bearing with us, and with each other, during these challenging times. Our heads and hearts are focused on your well-being, always. So please, hang in there with us and we look forward to better, easier times ahead – together.

We wish you all the greatest health.

Very Sincerely ,

The Board of Directors
And all the Staff
Of Golden State Orthopedics & Spine
(Formerly Muir Orthopaedic Specialists, OrthoNorCal and Webster Orthopedics)

To see how we are keeping everyone as safe as possible during COVID, visit our COVID procedures page.