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Mixing Sports and Alcohol



blood platelets

Exciting New Treatments from the Old Ultrasound

Sports medicine specialist Dr. Matthew Pecci talks about using ultrasound rather than an MRI to diagnose some injuries, plus using it to break up scar tissue within a tendon.

Dr. Pecci shares the good news

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Why Females are More at Risk For ACL Tears



Woman in athletic clothes
Woman playing goalie in soccer

Reinjecting Your Own Blood Platelets Helps You Heal

Platelet rich plasma injections provide patients with a nonsurgical treatment for tendon and cartilage injuries.

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Why Females are More at Risk For ACL Tears2022-05-16T15:31:41-07:00

Osteoarthritis Favorite Joint: The Knee




Exercise is the best medicine and first line of defense against worsening knee osteoarthritis.

The Arthritis Foundation reports over 27 million Americans live with osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis can affect any joint such as the kneehip, and spine. The joints that bear the most weight, like the knee, are more commonly affected than a joint such as the elbow.

Knee osteoarthritis occurs when cartilage in the knee joints erodes. A crucial connective tissue, cartilage is more flexible than bone and provides support and lubrication for the joints to move freely. When the cartilage wears down, flexing and moving the knee can become painful because the bones rub against each [Learn More]

Osteoarthritis Favorite Joint: The Knee2022-05-16T15:31:25-07:00

Fixing Fractures




Fixing Fractures


My name is Leo Calafi, I’m one of the orthopedic traumatologists here and I deal with a lot of fractures in patients – from pediatrics to elderly.

I think orthopedic trauma is a very exciting field these days. One reason is the variety of ways we can fix fractures so patients can get back to their normal status. For example, femur fractures in the past used to be treated with traction and bed rest, for six to eight weeks. That would cause a lot of complications in patients.

These days, we have very exciting and intelligent ways [Learn More]

Fixing Fractures2022-05-16T15:31:05-07:00

Injuries Hobbling Your Fantasy League Team?



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close up of shoes running on asphalt

Super Fast Fracture Fixes Using Rods, Plates & Screws

Dr. Calafi, our new orthopedic trauma surgeon, explains how advancements in orthopedic treatments are helping patients recover faster from complex fractures.

View his video

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Injuries Hobbling Your Fantasy League Team?2022-05-16T15:30:48-07:00

What Is the Tommy John Surgery?




Dr. Charles Preston discusses a procedure for elbow reconstruction.

The Tommy John procedure is an ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction (UCLR) named after the pitcher Tommy John, who underwent the procedure for the first time in 1974. He successfully had his elbow reconstructed and was able to win a ton of games after.

The procedure restores stability to the elbow by reconnecting the ligament from the humerus to the olecranon. This is the ligament that undergoes stress during repetitive throwing.

The Tommy John surgery has an 80 percent return-to-play rate. It’s not perfect. The procedure does not improve performance, but [Learn More]

What Is the Tommy John Surgery?2022-05-16T15:30:32-07:00

What Is Runners Knee?




Dr. Craig Wiseman talks about runner’s knee, an overuse injury associated with pain and swelling in the kneecap.

Runner’s knee, also known as patellofemoral pain syndrome, is an injury caused by overuse of the knee joint.

Symptoms include pain around the kneecap, swelling and a feeling of grinding in the knee. Pain symptoms may increase when the knee is used, particularly when walking down stairs or on an incline.

Runner’s knee is considered an overuse injury and most often the best way to treat overuse injuries is rest. Participating in alternative activities that don’t increase your pain is also [Learn More]

What Is Runners Knee?2022-05-16T15:30:15-07:00

Keep Your Hands Up!



Keep Your Hands Up! | It's March Madness basketball time, which means brackets and ? hand surgery?

woman gripping her knee in pain

How JJ’s Plasma Saved Her Knee

Three doctors told JJ knee replacement was her only option. But they were wrong, and we got her back in action without a single [Learn More]

Keep Your Hands Up!2022-05-16T15:29:59-07:00

Using Exercise for Weight Management



Using Exercise for Weight Management


What is the best strategy for weight management?

I think for most patients, it’s a routine lifestyle, diet, and exercise. It sounds easy when you say you have to burn more calories than you take in, but obviously, I know there’s a lot to that. For patients who are on the obese to morbidly obese side, weight loss programs – which may involve medications or surgery – might be the most effective. But I think for the average American, it’s really maximizing diet and exercise.

Where I can certainly help is with the exercise [Learn More]

Using Exercise for Weight Management2022-05-16T15:26:35-07:00
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